Here They Lie

Here They Lie

Fall 2016

About this project

Core team sound designer and audio engineer on the playstation VR game by Tangentlemen.

VR gaming, by its very design, encourages you to look beyond what is in front of you, to soak in your 360-degree surroundings. Tangentlemen's Here They Lie provokes similar degrees of neck craning, though the compulsion to look back is mainly motivated out of survival and terror. The game's misty towns more than echo Silent Hill; ripples of Konami’s psychological horror series can be felt in this game’s unabashed symbolism and themes on the fallibility of man. These attributes combine to qualify Here They Lie as a notable and occasionally frightening title in what is a packed PlayStation VR launch lineup.

Here They Lie pulls you in by appealing to your curiosities of what's around the corner--but you're also motivated to stick to the main path, because a part of you just wants to get the hell out of this urban nightmare. As a dark, well-crafted psychological journey in VR, the game captures the distinct duality of being a curious observer--and, conversely, a participant who simply wants to survive and escape."

- Gamespot

Here They Lie

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